SIMCO International provides high quality services for the military aerospace market such as spare parts distribution, maintenance, repair & overhaul, engineering and manufacturing in Pakistan. We are expert in military aerospace industry applications for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft including avionics, guidance, command and control, fire control, engines, airframes and ground support equipment


As an OEM approved distributor our proposed products are built to meet customers’ exacting specifications and offer lasting performance. SIMCO offers full support, traceability, OEM Certificate of Conformity and warranty on all factory new OEM parts. In addition all serviceable and overhauled equipment is supplied with EASA, FAA forms or other agreed civil or military release certificate as well as a high level of warranty support. We have been consistently developing our capability to succeed with the new programs and needs.


  • • Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Tactical/Training Aircraft
    • • F-16 Fighter Falcon
    • • T-37
    • • T-38 Talon
    • • KT-1T
    • • Logistic/Transport Aircraft:
    • • C-130 Hercules
    • • KC-135 Stratotanker
    • • PAC MFI-17 Mushshak
    • • Mirage-III
  • Engines
    • • F100,F110, J79, J85, T56, CT7, CFM56, T53, JT15,
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft
    • • UH-1D, AB-204, AB-205 UH-1H AH-1 Cobra Series, UH-60/S-70A Blackhawk, AB-212, AB-206, AB412 S-92A
    • • MI-17
    • • MD-600N
  • Equipment
    • • Anti-G suits