About Us



SIMCO INTERNATIONAL (previously SIMCO Traders) is a registered trading company in Pakistan, with its head office located in the city of Rawalpindi. The company started its business in 1995 and later emerged as M/s Simco International in 2011. We have been working as a general order supplier with various government, semi government and private organizations in Pakistan. Our firm has been registered with DGDP and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra as agents of various foreign principals. SIMCO International, started working on the defence contracts with DGDP in 2011 and with PAC in 2013. During this tenure we have completed contracts worth substantial amount and of much importance for our country.


A highly dedicated and professional team operates efficiently from the offices of the firm. The entire staff is highly experienced and trained to handle various operations and management issues pertaining to indenting and procurement of goods, freight and shipment etc. An overall team of 09 persons constitute the work force of SIMCO International. Our staff has contributed immensely in establishing the good reputation of the firm and have managed to obtain high volume contracts through their tireless and dedicated efforts.



SIMCO International has its Head office in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in close proximity of Ministry of Defense. Branch offices have also been established in Karachi & Kamra . The strategic location of the Head Office is advantageous in establishing a close working contact with the ministries and procurement departments for continuous and dedicated follow up for business acquisition. On the other hand our field offices in Karachi & Kamra look after practical execution of projects and import/export of goods etc.